QuillBOARD, defines not only our core business, it is also a trademark which symbolises a firm guarantee of quality and service.

Take a closer look at the word ‘QuillBOARD’, and you will see it is a clever amalgamation of two words – ‘Quill’ and ‘BILLBOARD’.

‘Quill’ can be defined as the old-english name given to the original writing pen (Quill) – and of course, a ‘BILLBOARD’ is a large bold advertising sign. We deliberately emphasise and print in ‘capital letters’ the BILLBOARD part of our name, to illustrate to you the enormous ability of our products to deliver reliable content – repeatedly. The word ‘Quill’ is also used to indicate you can be confident you are dealing with the ‘original’ and the ‘best’.

We can ship anywhere in the world and cater for one-off gift purchases to large scale campaign initiatives and retail merchandise distribution.