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QuillBOARD, the name in BILLBOARD Pens!

QuillBOARD, defines not only our core business, it is also a trademark which symbolises a firm guarantee of quality and service.

Take a closer look at the word ‘QuillBOARD’, and you will see it is a clever amalgamation of two words – ‘Quill’ and ‘BILLBOARD’.

‘Quill’ can be defined as the old-english name given to the original writing pen (Quill) – and of course, a ‘BILLBOARD’ is a large bold advertising sign. We deliberately emphasise and print in ‘capital letters’ the BILLBOARD part of our name, to illustrate to you the enormous ability of our products to deliver reliable content – repeatedly. The word ‘Quill’ is also used to indicate you can be confident you are dealing with the ‘original’ and the ‘best’.

We can ship anywhere in the world and cater for one-off gift purchases to large scale campaign initiatives and retail merchandise distribution.

What are you looking for?

Pens are used by almost everybody, from students, professionals, housewives, company executives and virtually in any type of job. Therefore making a promotional pen that contains the company logo, a product name, a company design and any marketing idea that a company wants the public to see is definitely effective. It reminds your customer of your company each time the pen is used. Promotional pens could be used as low-cost promo at the point of sale or as a better-quality promo pen a consumer will keep and use everyday. Promotional pens are perfect giveaways for corporate events, launchings, tradeshows, exhibits and other marketing activities. The business of making promotional pens is very challenging. It should answer the very question a prospective client will ask you. “Why would we choose your company to make promotional pens for us?” or “What makes you different from others who are also into promotional pen business?” Likewise, if you are part of a company that is looking for potential suppliers of promotional pens, you should be very careful in choosing one. The goal should always be to develop a promotional pen that will meet or even exceed the client’s expectations.


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